This page is about cheques. The use and how to make them. :)

The use of cheques.

You can use cheuqes to exchange up too 22billion ducats in one trade.

There are a few other uses but that's all i will go through in this tutorial. 

How to make them.

This is going to be a photo guide for your and my ease. :)
Step One.

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Step Two.

070913 121853

Step Three.

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Step Four.

070913 121902

Step Five.

070913 121905

Step Six.

070913 121936


It costs 1 million to issue a 100 million

And 500k to issue a 10 million

They cannot be plundered by players/npc's if you are white named.
But if you are a Pirate/Privateer get sunk and have no money in bank they exchange any cheque for ducats and pay the bounty
hunter the amount due.
To exchange them for ducats follow guide up to step 4 and click BS and it should set down to 0 and then you can decide what
number to exchange.