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Ornaments are a type of Furniture for your Residence that are for decoration only. Ornaments serve only to make your home look less boring.

Many kinds of Ornaments can be made by submitting a Discovery to a Craftsman in town.

Some ornaments can only be obtained from special in-game events.

Ornament crafting isn't really a specific trade skill, but rather an NPC crafting skill that relies on Adventure skills. Ornament creation starts with the local Craftsman or Sculptor when you request to "Commission Ornament" from him. This in turn requires the proper Discovery Card in order for the Craftsman to start the commission.

Once you request the commission, the Craftsman will require a substantial money deposit as well as the corresponding Discovery Card, which is removed from your inventory (the discovery, however, does not disappear). Physical Discovery Cards are required,
i.e., Statues or Wildlife. Port or Geographical discoveries are not valid.

There may be specific Discovery Cards that Craftsman will only work on, but this is just a theory at this time. Supportive evidence - Marseille is the only port yet found that will make a Bastet ornament (Egyptian Cat Goddess) even though several craftsmen have been found that will make some unspecified ornament.

Location Ornament Discovery Card Required Cost
Amsterdam Boat Shaped Bowl Boat Shaped Bowl (Art) 65,500 Ð
Tulips With Vase Tulip (Plant) + The Alabaster Vase (Treasure) 72,300 Ð
Antwerp Stonehenge Stonehenge (Religious Architecture) 60,000 Ð
Famagusta The Statue of Zeus The Statue of Zeus (Religious Legacy) 57,000 Ð
Madonna & Goldfrich Madonna & Goldfrich (art) 92,000 Ð
Genoa Pyramids of Giza Pyramids of Giza (Religious Architecture) 68,500 Ð
The Great Sphinx of Giza The Great Sphinx of Giza (Religious Architecture) 82,000 Ð
Lisbon The Statue of Poseidon The Statue of Poseidon (Religious Legacy 1*) 57,000 Ð
Ivory Statue of Goddess Ivory Statue of Goddess (Treasure 2*) 127,000 Ð
Silver Candlestick Silver Candlestick (Treasure 1*) 64,000 Ð
Lubeck Dutch Proverbs Dutch Proverbs (Art) 65,000 Ð
Naples The Vitruvian Man The Vitruvian Man (Art 2*) 120,000 Ð
The Woman with a Veil The Woman with a Veil (Art 2*) 106,000 Ð
Salonica King Khufu Statue King Khufu Statue (Historic Relic) 60,000 Ð
The Birth of Venus The Birth of Venus (Art) 102,000 Ð
Tunis The Statue of Isis The statue of Isis (Religious Legacy) 65,000 Ð
Karnak & Luxor The statue of Karnak & Luxor temples (Religious Legacy) 95,000 Ð
Icon Painting of the "Icon" (Art) 56,600 Ð

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