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Quest Name Difficulty Category Required Skill Discovery Prerequisite Subsequent
Seafarer's egg
Work of Master and Pupil Art
Acclaimed Mirror ★★
A woman's curiosity ★★
Bizarre Weapon ★★ 10 12
Encouragement of learning ★★
Fisheries Survey of Sicilian Coast ★★
Grave burial items of the Abbot ★★ Art
Manners for Ladies and Gentlemen ★★
Procure logs ★★
To be an Artist ★★
The significance of the ring ★★ Archaeology
Canonical myths ★★★ Theology
Find the bones of a dragon ★★★ Biology
Fire that Saved Rome ★★★ Archeology [1st in Greek fire series]
Gathering Sand ★★★ N/A 20 30
Investigation on ecology of whales ★★★ Biology
Investigation of west Balearic Island ★★★ Geography
Investigation of Canary Islands ★★★ Geography
Largest of the Canary Islands ★★★ Geography
Procure fruits and nuts ★★★
Remnants of the Punic Wars ★★★ Archeology
Ruins of an Ancient Roman city ★★★ Archeology Leptis Magna Ruins
Book of Skilled Artists ★★★★ Art Painters, Sculptors, & Architects
Catch a salamander ★★★★ Biology Fire Salamander
Dragon of Africa ★★★★ Biology
Fox of the desert ★★★★ Biology
In the middle of the Atlantic ★★★★ Geography The Azores Islands
Adventurer guild's plight ★★★★★ 34 69
The sleeping beauty ★★★★★ N/A
Da Vinci's First Great Work ★★★★★ Art The Adoration of the Magi
Painting of Faithful Saving Saint Mark ★★★★★ Art
Large island in the Indian Ocean ★★★★★ Geography
The dignified One ★★★★★ Archaeology The Jewel of Augustus
Creature like a pincushion ★★★★★ Biology
Final Dynasty of Egypt ★★★★★★ Archeology The Scepter of Ptolemy I
Portrait of Woman in a Veil ★★★★★★ Art The Woman with a Veil
Master of the 7 wonders of the world ★★★★★★ Archaeology The Sceptre of King Khufu
An endless dream ★★★★★★★ Archaeology

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