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Book Handicraft

Rank Cost Book Title Bought in
1⇔5 10,000 Shipwright basic- crafts book Craft Shop: Antwerp, Barcelona, Dublin, Genoa, Groningen, Las Palmas, Madeira, Malaga, Palma, Pisa, Plymouth, Porto, Syracuse, Valencia
1⇔5 15,000 Making extra wood armouring Craft Shop: Amsterdam, Lisbon, London, Marseille, Seville, Venice
1⇔7 5,000 Medical preparation book Item Shop: Nantes, Syracuse, Malaga
1⇔8 10,000 Tools for land battle- crafts book Item Shop: Nantes, Athens, Genoa, Bordeaux, Hamburg
2 10,000 Sculpting figure of marine life Craft Shop: Copenhagen, Danzig, Edinburg, Lubeck, Oslo, Stockholm
2 10,000 Sculpting figure of bird Craft Shop: Genoa
2⇔5 10,000 Brewery secret Item shop: Hamburg
Invest: 300k in Cagliari
2⇔8 5,000 Complete seasoning booklet Item Shop: Palma
2⇔10 - Extra armouring weight trimming Invest: 600k in Oslo
3⇔12 - Strengthening extra armouring Invest: 600k in Bergen
3⇔6 - Staff functions book Item Shop: Athens, Cagliari
3⇔15 - Historical Crafts Guide Invest: 400k in Cairo
3⇔16 - Perfumery Secret Invest: 500k in Aden & Tamatave
4⇔9 - Craftsman's training book Invest: 300k in Candia
4⇔10 10,000 Sculpting figure of land animals Craft Shop: Cabo Verde
5⇔7 40,000 Making special extra armouring Invest: 120k in Aden
6⇔11 - Sculpting figure of human Invest: 400k in Beirut
6⇔13 - Brewery Secret Part 2

Invest: 800k in Montpellier or Habana

7⇔10 - Sculpting figure of gods Invest: 800k in Genoa
9 - sculpting - Famous person Invest: 840k in Pisa
10⇔11 - Craftsman's Boot Enhancement Invest: 1,250,000 D Calicut, Ragusa
11⇔13 300,000 Wig Making Item Shop: PisaAttrib price
Invest 300,000 Ð
12 300,000 Armoursmith's technique Item Shop: Major CitiesAttrib price
Invest 300,000 Ð
13 100,000 Quirky Knick-knacks! Item Shop: AnconaAttrib price
Invest 600,000 Ð
Rank Cost Book Title Bought in

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