Curently Allied to: France
The city is located in Western Europe on the southeast side of the same island as Sassari which is south of Calvi.
The city has a bank to the north and a shipwright to the southwest.



Item Shop

Item Name 'Price Comments'
Antidote Antidote 100 Ð
Kite's wings Kite's Wings 100 Ð
Medication Medication 300 Ð
Medication Assorted ointments 500 Ð
Sewing book Fabric secrets - Cloth 10,000 Ð Invest 60,000/Develop 50,000
Arts book Staff functions book 30,000 Ð Invest 60,000/Develop 50,000
Sewing book Mode design collection- v1 10,000 Ð

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