What is France?

France is a unique country:

First, its territory is divided into two segments, a north and a south one (This can give both pros and cons!).

Secondly, it’s located in West Mediterranean (One of the best trading regions).

Thirdly, the distance between the trading post, restaurant, port, and guild is very close.

Sales folk of each city

(The double stars indicate resources that become available once enough is invested into the city.)

('S' indicates a special product)

Marseille - prunes(S), walnut, bronze figure, duck meat, honey, wine, salt, brandy. **, **

Montpellier - duck, raisin, carrot, mushroom, parsley, **

Bordeaux - raisin, sheep meat, duck meat, elder tree, brandy, wine, bacon, **, **, **

Nantes - chicken, wheat, sausage, onion, tweed, fruits, brandy(S), lilac, beef, meat, butter, **

Calais - cow, liqueur, dried apple, sausage, rose hip, cider, vinegar(S), **, **, **

What is good job for a trader?

Fabric seller or accountant is recommended.

Fabric (Yarn) seller

Favored skills: caution, accounts, sewing, textile trading, fabric trading, dye trading

It is reasonable to say that 'France is fabric', since fabric was almost universally produced among all of France’s cities. However, to a beginner fabric is expensive and it also yields very little, so you shouldn’t focus on it right away.


Favored skills: metal trading, luxuries trading ,sewing, frugality, alcohol trading, accounts

Marseille, the capital of France, allows you to get luxuries trading (walnuts, prunes) and alcohol trading (wine, brandy). This job also has sewing - which isn’t much of a beginner skill, but can be used with feathers. Once you get to a really high level, using metal trading can become quite lucrative.

How do I change profession?

In Marseille’s merchant guild, receive the quest 'The first labor from the guild' (the name might not be right).

Once you finish the quest you can change your profession from a basic occupation to an advanced one.

As you know, in this game you are able to switch your profession at any time (however it’s not free).

Suggested trade routes:

  • Marseille - Montpellier
  1. Purchase Salt and Duck Meat in Marseille.
  2. Sail to Montpellier (approx 1-2 days).
  3. Sell Salt and Duck Meat, purchase Raisins, Celery, and Ducks. Ducks can further processed into Duck Meat, Eggs, or Feathers if you have the appropriate trade skills.
  4. Sail back to Marseille and sell.
  • Feather plucking
  • Marseille - Genova - Pisa- Calvi
  • Marseille - Genoa
  1. Purchase Wine and Duck Meat in Marseille. Prunes, Bronze Scuptures, and Brandy can also be profitable if well priced (110% or below).
  2. Sail to Genoa (approx 4-7 days). Sell Wine and Duck Meat. Purchase anything on market in Genoa that is well priced (110% or below).
  3. Sail back to Marseille and sell.