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Type foodstuffs Bacon
Smoked pork rib meat. High in fat and can be used in a variety of ways.


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Please update the price if its closer to or at 100% rate.
Preferably in non-allied port.

Buy Icon Sell Icon To make: Made from:
Northern Europe
City: Price:
Bordeaux 369 Ð Type arrow rt
Dublin 395 Ð Type arrow ur
Portsmouth 333 Ð Type arrow ur
Northern Europe
City: Price:
Amsterdam 338 Ð Type arrow dr
Antwerp 461 Ð Type arrow ur
Bremen 453 Ð Type arrow ur
Calais 301 Ð Type arrow dr
Dover 395 Ð Type arrow rt
Groningen 369 Ð Type arrow dr
Helder 429 Ð Type arrow ur
London 307 Ð Type arrow dr
Nantes 371 Ð Type arrow ur
Plymouth 384 Ð Type arrow ur
Western Europe
City: Price:
Barcelona 327 Ð Type arrow dr
Cagliari 411 Ð Type arrow ur
Faro 317 Ð Type arrow dr
Gijon 379 Ð Type arrow ur
Lisbon 296 Ð Type arrow dr
Palma 365 Ð Type arrow ur
Porto 317 Ð Type arrow dr
Sassari 376 Ð Type arrow dr
Eastern Europe
City: Price:
Candia 461 Ð Type arrow dr
Salonika 581 Ð Type arrow ur

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