Map Name Text on the map Required Skills Rank Required Location Rewards Places Map is Also Found
Shipwreck route Map Navigation chart of the sunken ship off the coast of Lisbon. Recognition 1 15750, 3191 10 Adv Xp, 7280 Ð, Winex3, Wine barrel of diversionx5, Rusty short sword
Unfinished Map Straits south of the island of Calvi Recognition, Geography 1 Ligurian Sea, 300,3040 Lisbon
Unfinished Map Cape north of Lisbon Recognition, Geography 1 15750, 3191 Cape Roca, 10 Adv XP Amsterdam
Unfinished Map Island southeast of Sant-Georges Recognition, Geography 2
River north of Portobello Recognition, Geography 5
Straight between India and Ceylon Recognition, Geography 5 3650,4416 London, Athens
Island in far west of tip of peninsula Jamaica Recognition, Geography 6 Along mainland Mexico London

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