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This page is about Geography in Archive Maps category, for other uses see Geography (disambiguation)


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Below is a table chart of the various types of maps that can be found in archives under the geography category. Locations referred to as landings are locations outside of cities in which you can land your ship and get out to explore. Any easy reference for finding these landings would be the World Map as seen on the right. Just look for the double tree key map symbol to find the various landing points.

Port's Archive Search Areas Map Info Acquire
Unfinished Map
Lisbon Lisbon Waters Just outside of Lisbon towards the north
Geography, Recognition Rank 1
Cape Roca
Unknown Ligurian Sea Strait in between Calvi and Sassari
Recognition, Geography Rank 1
The Strait of Bonifacio
Unknown Eastern Mediterranean Near Cairo
Recognition, Geography Rank 2
The River Nile
Unknown Ionian Sea Island southwest of Syracuse
Recognition, Geography Rank1
The Island of Malta
Unknown Eastern Mediterranean Island of Famagusta
Recognition, Geography Rank3
Unknown Cape of Good Hope Waters River mouth northwest of cape
Recognition, Geography Rank3
The Orange River
Shipwreck Route Map
Unknown Strait of Gibraltar South of Malaga
Recognition, Geography Rank 1
Attrib price ~8,000 Ð
Unknown Canary Islands Waters Around the Canary Islands
Recognition, Geography Rank 1
Attrib price ~10,000 Ð
Unknown Canary Islands Waters Around the Canary Islands
Recognition, Unlock Rank 1
Attrib price ~20,000 Ð
Unknown Bay of Biscay Island of Famagusta
Recognition, Unlock Rank 3
Attrib price ~40,000 Ð
Unknown Ionian Sea Southwest of Syracuse
Recognition, Unlock Rank 1
Attrib price ~15,000 Ð
Hand drawn map
Unknown Navigation map of the sunken ship
of the coast of the Canary Island
Recognition Rank 1
Attrib price 8,260 Ð
EXPType adventure 10
Port's Archive Search Areas Map Info Acquire

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