Art quest maps found at the Athens Archives

Skills Used Map name and description Accurate Destination Reward
Art 2
Search 2
Tapestry map
Church at Venice facing the book shelf, by the wall on the left.
Church in Venice
On the wall left of the Bookstand
Work of art: Tapestry of the Old Testament
70 Exp
35 Exp
Art 2
Search 2
Religious painting map
Church at Genoa by the wall on the left from the book shelf.
Church in Genoa
On the wall left of the 3nd row of seats at the front
Work of art: Paradise Lost
90 Exp
45 Exp
Art 4
Search 4
Hero's statue map
Inside the mansion next to Genoa merchant guild, left inwards.
Mansion in Genoa next to the Merchant Guild
In the corner left of the big desk.
Work of art: Equestrian Statue Gattamelata
140 Exp
70 Exp

Note: I'm sure this list is far from complete, feel free to add more.

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