Map Name Text on the map Required Skills Rank required Location Rewards Places map is also found
Outside the gates of Calais, northwest corner Search, Archeology 1 Seville, London
In opposite corner of northeast of southeast of Madeira Search, Archeology 1 Amsterdam, London
Northwest corner outside the gates of Candia Search, Archeology 1 Tunis
Western Suburbs of Athens Search, Archeology 1 HIstory Book

Naples, Istanbul

Large dead tree near the landing on the opposite side to the east of Athens Search, Archeology 2 Athens
Round out the gate just west out the gates of Candia Search, Archeology 2 2 Antique art
In the northwest near the tomb with the cross outside the gates of Candia Search, Archeology 3 Alexandira, Naples
Land west of Cairo Search, Archeology, Unlock 9 Amulet of the moon Istanbul

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