Map Name Text on the map Required Skills Rank required Location Rewards Places map is also found
Just southeast of landing east of Gijon Search, Archeology 1 Seville
Ancient settlement map Outside the gates of Nantes, southwest corner Search, Archaeology 1 Livestock Bones
Outside the gates of Dublin, northeast corner Search, Archeology 1 Celtic bracelet Amsterdam, London
Ancient script relic map Land on the north of Stockholm, Westernmost point Search, Archaeology 2 Seville
Ancient silverwork map Land east of Gijon, northeast corner Search, Archeology 2 2 Silver
Boyne Valley in the ruins at the outskirts of Dublin Search, Archeology, Unlock 3 Ancient god's charm Amsterdam, London
Northwest corner outside the gates of Genoa Search, Archeology 5
Outside the east gate out of the gate freshwater Search, Archeology 5 Taiwan?
Landing west of Alexandria Search, Archeology 5
Outside Naples, Campania region better back east Search, Archeology 9 Seville

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