Skill arabic Arabic
Ability to converse and read books.
Used in Islamic lands.
Attrib-vigour Passive Max. Rank 1
Acquisition requirements:
LvType adventure - LvType trade - LvType battle -


Name Acquireable Skills Report Others
Merchant GM
Merchants' Guild

- Merchant Quest -

Maritime GM
Maritime Guild

- Maritime Quest -

Tome Pires
Tome Pires Estate
Flag spain Seville

Attrib formality2+


Aides Requirements


Western Europe Eastern Europe Eastern Africa
Algiers Venice Socotra
Casablanca Istanbul Saylac
Tunis Trebizond Massawa
Tripoli Alexandria Suez
Naples Jeddah
Beirut Aden
Jaffa Jofra
Cairo Muscat
Benghazi Basra

(Bolded:Places with Stack)

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