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Type artwork Antique Art
Old handicrafts are rare and expensive.


Archive Maps:

Skill price update notice

Please update the price if its closer to or at 100% rate.
Preferably in non-allied port.

Buy Icon Sell Icon To make: Made from:
Eastern Europe
City: Price:
Ancona 3,280 Ð Type arrow rt
Athens 3,740 Ð Type arrow rt
Salonika Attrib price 3,280 Ð Type arrow rt

Western Europe
City: Price:
Genoa 3,280 Ð Type arrow rt
Northern Europe
City: Price:
Amsterdam 6,380 Ð Type arrow ur
Dublin 5,560 Ð Type arrow dr
London 5,770 Ð Type arrow rt
Plymouth 7,610 Ð Type arrow ur
Western Europe
City: Price:
Calvi 4,440 Ð Type arrow ur
Palma 4,120 Ð Type arrow ur
Pisa 3,380 Ð Type arrow rt
Marseille 3,870 Ð Type arrow ur
Sassari 4,440 Ð Type arrow ur
Eastern Europe
City: Price:
Alexandria 4,300 Ð Type arrow ur
Benghazi 3,790 Ð Type arrow dr
Cairo 4,171 Ð Type arrow rt
Jaffa 4,250 Ð Type arrow rt
Ragusa 3,710 Ð Type arrow ur
Syracuse 3,010 Ð Type arrow dr
Trieste 3,350 Ð Type arrow rt
Tripoli 4,030 Ð Type arrow rt
Tunis 3,890 Ð Type arrow ur
Venice 3,620 Ð Type arrow ur
Zadar 3,740 Ð Type arrow ur

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