Name: Acclaimed mirror Expires in: No Expiration
Contract Location: Reward:
Marseille Adventures' Guild
Attrib price 14,000 Ð
Advance -- Ð

Quest Details: Difficulty:
I want you investigate a tool that has abruptly come into use recently. This is a request from a young lady in town, so go find out the details from her. You won't hear anything too unreasonable. I was thinking about having you take care of this investigation. You should be able to take care of it.

Required Skill(s):

Skill French Skill Italian

Required Fame:
Attrib fame1Type adventure 0 Attrib fame1Type trade 0 Attrib fame1Type battle 0

Mirror, Mirror:
I would like you to find out about this mirror. It reflects astonishingly well. But where do you think it was made? If you can find out where and how it was made, it should be easier to get more. So that's what I want you to find out. Perhaps a Scholar might know?
For mirrors, go Venetian:
Until now most were polished metal plates, but now good mirrors seem to be more common. Quality products from Venice. They're very popluar, more than ones from other countries. If you want to find out about mirrors, perhaps try the Venice port?
Unrelated to commoners:
Manufacture of mirrors? Why would I know anything about that. Manufacturing is the countries most prized secret, the public know nothing about it. Spies have come from other cities, but all failed, if you really want to know, the only thing you could do is ask the Minister directly.
Settle the matter:
So there still people trying to discover how mirrors are made. And coming back empty handed is rather unsophisticated. First, bring back 5 crates of ceramics to show good faith. You should be able to get them in Naples. That's easy enough isn't it?
Learning from the past:
In this city flat mirrors made from tin and mercury are produced in large quality. The technique was developed in the glassworks over many years. Do you understand? The country strictly manages skilled craftsman so that they can't be lured away. It will be a long time before other countries can made mirriors! Ha ha ha!
The secret of the Venetian mirror:
In Venice flat mirrors made from tin and mercury are mass produced. Glassworking technique is used, so it will be difficult for other cities to compete.
Buy 5 [Ceramics] when Near Naples your going to need it!

To find a certain someone buy drink or food at the barkeep when you go out of the bar there should be a blue icon.

Obtain Quest -->

Talk to [City Girl] -->

Then talk to the [Scholar] in the city's archives -->

Head to [Venice] -->

Talk to the [Port Official] in Venice at habour -->

Head to [Doge's Estate] and enter it -->

Talk to [Cabinet Secretary Mocenigo] -->

Travel to [Naples] -->

Go to the Market Keeper and buy 5 [Ceramics] -->

Travel back to [Venice] -->

Go in the [Doge's Estate] and [talk] to [Cabinet Secretary Mocanigo] again -->

Quest Complete

Adv Exp : 10

Fame : 8

Quest Mediation Permit

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